Founded in 2020, ROGAEC, Reagan Old Girls Association Electoral Committee is the electoral committee of ROGA, old students association of Reagan Memorial Baptist Girls Secondary, School, Yaba, Lagos Nigeria. ROGA has members all over the world. ROGAEC exist to provide a formidable platform for successful elections to positions in ROGA and thus channel and advance an impactful governance and development of ROGA for the benefit of society.

ROGA members can be found in a wide range of industries, positions, and at different stages of their life and careers in general. They play a key role in our governance and day-to-day activities. ROGAEC is founded on the ethos of just and fair leadership, and the committee is led by strong, formidable ROGA members of good standing with impeccable character, who encourage, develop and support members to stand for elections, to work and serve society.